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It was a beautiful, calm Thursday night in New York City. Around 10:30 pm, a young man wearing long overcoat walked into the bar. He sat at the bar table for 10 minutes before moving his seat to the one next to the window. Finally settled in his seating location, he pulled out a book titled “The Fourth Turning” and began reading it.

Although he seemed to be reading his book for awhile, I could tell that he was not concentrated on it. Every so often, he would put his book down and look out the window as if he was looking for someone. My initial thought was that he met someone on Tinder and was awaiting to meet them in person. Nonetheless, his eyes continued to scan the occurrences behind the window.

All of a sudden, he walked up to me and asked me what time the bar closes. I told him 12:00am. “I’ll be back,” he replied. He immediately left the premises.

Assuming that he wasn’t coming back, I decided that it’s time to clear the table he sat at. But as I was walking over to do so, he walks back in and sits back at his original window table. He continued where he left off with his book and a wandering eye.

Later on in the night, he orders a Knob Creek, a 120 proof bourbon whiskey that has deep, complex aromas and a light taste to accompany it. After he ordered his drink, I struck up a conversation with him. He told me that his name is Pablo and that he is from Hunter Mountain, New York, a ski resort town. Born and raised in Hunter Mountain, Pablo spent a lot of time snowboarding. He started competitively snowboarding at 13 years old. Now, he is a coach and a judge for national snowboarding competitions.

Continuing our conversation on snowboarding, I asked Pablo if he can identify snowboarders who “got what it takes” to be renown athletes. “Winners are those who have calculated fearlessness”, he replied. “It is how far you can push yourself without hurting yourself”.

We spoke until the bar closed. But before our conversation came to a close, I wanted to know why he feels so passionate about snowboarding.

“Snowboarding is about art and the snow is your canvas”, he tells me. “Just in general, sports is about doing something beyond the unexpected. It challenges your ideas of accomplishment”.

Pablo can be found on his Instagram at pabsmob.

Pablo -- you got this!

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