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Jerry the serviceman

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Jerry walked into the bar one evening after a long day at work. Although he looked exhausted, there was something about him that made me want to talk to him.

Jerry’s drink of choice that night was a Hibiki. Hibiki whisky is one of the most popular premium blended range of whisky to come out of Japan. The bottles are iconic- featuring 24 facets that represent the 24 small seasons of Japan and the hours in a day.

As he lounged around and began to unwind with his drink, I walked up to him and struck up a conversation.

“What do you do for a living?” I asked. “I’m a consultant for a military engineering company,” he responded.

Curious about his profession, I followed up his response asking what inspired him to pursue that line of work. “My father was a Colonel in the Army,” he said. “His gallantry and love for American had a great influence on me, and so I decided to walk the same path of honor”.

We continued to casually converse, sharing our histories with one another. I learned so many interesting things about him that night, especially about how much pride he has in America.

Starting from the beginning, Jerry grew up in Alabama. He enrolled into the Reserved Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program in the University of Alabama, and upon graduation, he joined the United States Air Force.

At the Air Force, Jerry worked tirelessly using all his strength and might. And while the work was challenging, his devotion to America was what kept him working in the Air Force for 10 years. He sat on the 3rd seat of the cockpit where he worked hand in hand with the captain and co-pilot, to execute a wide range of combat and non-combat military operations.

“In the military, they regard service to humanity as service to family,” he said. With this mindset, Jerry took everyone on his team, and everyone he met in the field, as his brothers and sisters, and so selfless service was his mantra.

Also, Jerry doesn’t see the military as a job, but rather as a family affair. Because of this, Jerry doesn’t mind putting his life on the line over and over again if it means serving Dashboard

his country and humanity as a whole.

Jerry also explained to me the misconceptions around servicemen. “Many people think that servicemen are stone cold, aggressive and regimented like a bunch of zombies on a killing spree” he says. “In reality, servicemen have the greatest love for humanity, and they are willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of their country.''

Overall, speaking to Jerry was very eye opening. It was interesting to learn about military life from a real soldier, as this was the first time I’ve ever met and spoken to one. Speaking to Jerry also challenged what I originally thought of soldiers as being cold-hearted, emotionless people. The reality is that soldiers are the complete opposite of cold-hearted. It takes love, selflessness, and pride in your country to be in the military, and Jerry is a perfect example of that.

Thank you Jerry for sharing your story with me.

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