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It was late in the evening, some might even say it was already the morning of May 3; the time was 12:04 AM. Almost everyone had left the bar, but for a few night owls. This lady who had just checked into the Wyndham Garden Hotel walked in for some nightcap, probably to help her ease herself to bed – at least, that’s what I thought.

No one could argue just how physically enticing and pleasing to the eye she was – probably in her late 20s, curly shoulder-length brown hair, and bright red lipstick to contrast the deep V-neck white t-shirt she paired with her white cropped pants, an outfit which graciously outlined her well-toned figure – like I said, physically enticing. Graciously, she moved towards the bar and ordered a double shot of Don Julio Blanco – soothingly sweet, a pure and energetic blend of agave flavor, rounded out with clean and fresh finish of grassy undertones and black pepper; a drink worthy of a queen. With dimmed lights and the soothing sound of Midnight Jazz playing in the background, she sat the farthest corner of the bar close to the horizontal mirror against the New York City Subway Tile walls.

You could tell she was looking for someone from the way she moved her head around. So, the Bartender who was vigilant enough to notice this moved up to her and asked her if she was from out of town, probably in an effort to loosen her up a bit and make small talk. She then introduced herself as Gloria and then went on to tell him she is from South America and is traveling to New York all by herself to explore the city she has heard so much about. You could tell from her articulation and accent that she wasn’t a native English speaker even though she was colloquial enough for a clear and understandable discussion to emanate. As the discussion progressed, the Bartender noted with a lot of dismay how much Gloria knew about drinks. Their discussion centered around drinks, traveling and the Night life of a New Yorker. Gloria couldn’t stop smiling and you could see just how full of energy she was. She went on to compliment the Bartender’s smile twice before admitting that those two shots of Don Julio Blanco might have loosened her up and made her feel relaxed. Over the course of the night – or morning, they both enjoyed each other’s company exchanging experiences and stories.

Sadly, time had to put a halt to Gloria’s amazing time as it was 1:00 AM and we were getting ready to close. Gloria paid for her drinks but you could tell from the way she kept on moving in and out of the bar that she was either lost or didn’t want to leave just yet. After noticing her walk in and out of the bar a number of times, the Bartender asked her if she needed help. Surprisingly, she handed her cellphone to the Bartender and on the screen was a message displayed as largely as it could be. Translated using Google Translate, the message read! “Do you want to go to bed with me?” OMG!

“Yes, I would love to”, except for the fact that I wasn’t the one reading the message or holding the phone, the Bartender was. He blushed and was startled and flattered, but to my greatest dismay, he declined Gloria’s offer and told her it was a pleasure serving her. There I stood, bewildered and confused as Gloria smiled and cheeked him good night.

We closed the bar and the Bartender said he needed a drink before heading home to his wife. So, he got a glass and was about to pour himself a drink when he noticed my bewilderment. He looked at me and said, “if it were any other time, the outcome would have been completely different.” In awe, I sat there and watched as he poured himself a glass of Redemption Rye – America’s greatest comeback spirit, a slight and soothing bitterness graced to the finish with strong notes of rye space, the perfect drink to complement a memorable evening.

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