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Ed, the fire whisperer

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Thursday, February 21, 9:00pm

It was an unusually warm Thursday night at the BLVD Bistro & Bar. At the bar counter quietly sat a lonely, timid man. Under the blue LED light, he sips a Maker’s Mark 46, a bourbon that envelops your palate with a subtle flavor of seared French oak, leaving behind a satisfying burning sensation in your body.

He effortlessly blends into the background, almost as if he’s a permanent object of the space.

Intrigued by his character, I decided to strike up a conversation with him.

“What’s your name?” I asked. “Ed,” he bluntly replies. As we continue to converse, I got to learn more about his background.

Based in Kansas city, Ed works as a combustion engineer who’s on a business trip settling boiler problems for an Lefrak city apartment complex located adjacently to the BLVD.

“When you are dealing with fire, you have to use four senses,” Ed tells me. “Look, listen, feel and taste”.

When I asked him more about his occupation, Ed told me that he constantly travels for work. Travelling so frequently, Ed mentioned that he is alone most of the time. However, he never feels lonely.

Asking him how he discovered the BLVD, he told me that he has been coming here for a while. It is one of his go-to places whenever he travels to New York City for work.

"Why do people require you to come to Queens to fix their boilers?” I asked. “What makes you so unique?"

“It’s because I respect the fire and I listen to the fire,” Ed replies. “I make the dangerous business safe and people have a peace of mind. If you are attentive to detail and bring your soul into your work, you will be recognized”.

Ed, the fire whisperer, is truly a master of his craft.

I salute you, Ed!

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