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Boss Nicole

Today at the bar, I met a very interesting person. Her name is Nicole -- a beautiful woman from Texas who has a strong personality. Coming in around 10:00pm by herself, she ordered a Boss Hog and Don Julio 1942 without hesitating. She took a seat alone at the far right corner of the bar.

Her presentation blew me away. She wore a black leather jacket, black fitted pants and pumps. She also had luscious, wavy blonde hair paired with a friendly smile and confident posture.

I introduced myself to her, and we started talking about whiskies and work. Nicole told me that she works as a national sales manager for a major scaffolding company. She had just closed a million dollar deal today for her company and came to the BLVD Bistro to celebrate with a good drink.

In addition to her job, she is also a mother and wife back home in Texas. I told Nicole she is perfect example of a woman breaking the glass ceiling in a man's world. She said that it was a bumpy journey to get to where she is today. After being adopted, she was neglected by her parents. Making ends meet on her own, she put herself through college and worked her way to the top. Especially in the construction industry -- one that is male dominated -- it is rare to see a woman occupy a high position in it. However, Nicole made it.

Besides her big career, what I really admire about Nicole is her big heart. She told me that the best investment she can make in her company is into her employees. Nicole said she will do anything to help her employees grow professionally. She has also personally supported people in need because she sees potential and wants to them thrive.

Nicole is looking forward to going back home to Texas to see her husband and 2 boys. Shortly afterwards, she is heading to Europe to make more deals. Nicole said never to give up on your goals and to keep moving forward.

Nicole, you are a fearless, strong woman with a big heart indeed.

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